Using old hardware with modern Linux Os

In this example is a short list on 10, and up to 20 years old hardware that is tested and working on LTS Linux 64 bit distributions.

The hardware on the list below work with Ubuntu Studio 20.04.2 (x64) and Manjaro XFCE 20.2.1. (x64). As tested on the date of this post in Feb.2021.

It will most probably work with all similar desktop Linux distributions.

  • Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital; pci sound card, model: SB0220 (SB0100 didn’t work)
  • ASUS PCI-V3800/TV/32 Riva TNT2 2D/3D graphics card
  • Manli pci TV tuner composite video capture card
  • GT-P8000 Video capture function pci tv tuner card

Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital works well right out of the box even with on board integrated audio codec. I didn’t test the EAX yet.

ASUS PCI-V3800/TV/32 Riva TNT2 2D/3D graphics card is tested to boot Manjaro XFCE live from usb. Some features like desktop/workspace toolbar and applications menu where not drawn on screen. But system was stable and didn’t freeze. Not usable with this desktop environment.

Manli pci TV tuner composite video capture card and Gigabyte P8000 Video capture function pci tv tuner. This two cards can capture video inputs using OBS on the same pc computer.

This was tested on Asrock G31M-S R2.0 and Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboards.

On Linux and old hardware requirements

This is a good reference is you are looking for operating system to run on vary old hardware dating up to year 2000.

The great place to find out about what hardware is supported by Linux is at:

Article provides information on aspects of Linux requirements and hardware support. And is a place to learn about history of Linux.

So, don’t throw away your hardware form 20th century. Run Linux on it.

There are even more up to date articles on running contemporary Linux on old or low specifications personal computers.

To find up to date information on Linux running on old hardware follow this this link: